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UFOs in the daily Press:

The Mazaud encounter, Mouriéras, Framce, 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Courrier Picard, France, page 2, on September 16, 1954.

See the case file.


The strange encounter of a peasant from Corrèze

TULLE, September 15. -- This is no longer about, this time, of a flying saucer or of a bizarre being seeming to belong to another world. The encounter made by Mr. Mazaud, a string peasant in his fifties from Bugeat, is quite different. He is very formal. There is in his statements an indisputable accent of sincerity. He does not have, far from it, the reputation of a joker or an crackpot and the investigators did not note the slightest flaw or the slightest contradiction in his statements.

The man he met on a deserted plateau on September 10 around 8:30 p.m., was nothing unusual in his appearance, except the rather peculiar shape of the helmet he wore on his head.

When he found himself face to face with the Corrézian peasant, he made several nods to greet him, held out his hand and then gave him a hug. He did not respond otherwise to Mr. Mazaud's good evening and did not articulate a syllable, to the point that the farmer took him for some simple minded and would certainly have quickly forgotten this encounter, if, a few seconds after the disappearance of the stranger, Mr. Mazaud, who was continuing on his way, had not heard a slight rustling sound.

He looked back and it was at this moment that he saw a machine which rose from the ground obliquely in the same way as an airplane takes off. The machine was roughly the shape of a cigar (that of a jet plane seen in profile, approximately). It was flying west very quickly, gaining height. The noise was very gentle. No smoke at all nor the slightest glimmer was seen.

Mr. Mazaud was careful not to talk about this phenomenon in the neighborhood, afraid that one would scoff at him. Only the indiscretion of his wife allowed the gendarmes to be notified. They interviwed him at his home and went to the place, but two days had passed and he had rained a lot. No trace was found on the ground.

The commissioner of general intelligence of Tulle also heard, very lenghthily, Mr. Mazaud and went to the place of the encounter. Like everyone else, he was struck by the seriousness of the man who witnessed this strange phenomenon.

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