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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs in Burgundy, France, 1978:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Bien Public, Dijon, France, on September 12, 1978.


U.F.O.s. and men

III. "We are not delusional!"

Since the end of this summer, Burgundy and more especially the Dijon region seem to be gripped by a great fever on the subject of UFOs (BP of September 22 and 25). Luminous objects, whose nature escapes any rational explanation in the current state of our scientific knowledge, violate our airspace.

The statements of trustworthy, balanced, level-headed observers reached us after the publication of the two previous articles. These people had no interest in flying saucers before coming to attest to the incredible facts. Their testimony, on any other subject, would not have been doubted.

So, we must resign ourselves to admitting that "there is something". Especially since the testimonies very often overlap. Following the article published on September 22 and mentioning the story of Mr. Alain Rave, 36 ter, rue Colson in Dijon, this reader received a letter from a woman from Dijon reporting an observation similar to his own, and this on the same day, Wednesday September 13.

Mr. Rave, that evening, was not the only one to observe a phenomenon out of the ordinary.

Support the truth


In "Le Bien Public" today, September 22, I note your statement on the subject of UFOs. My daughter, aged 16, a student at Monchapet high school, was at home that same evening, September 13, when she, like you, noticed the passage of two luminous balls which followed each other and which disappeared in the direction of the north. (Our reader, Ms. Masson, lives at 8, impasse Abbé-Debrià in Dijon, between rue Général-Faussonet and rue de Varenne). I was at the back of the apartment, she continues, when I heard my daughter exclaim: "But it's horrible what I see in the sky!"

"I ran over there, the phenomenon had disappeared. My daughter was trembling and I had to calm her down. She gave me a description of what she had seen: it was shiny and big, it seemed impalpable. I wanted to make her testify. She refused. "No one will believe me, they will think I am crazy!"

And Mrs. Masson adds:

"She is a very healthy young girl, who did not believe in UFOs, like you no doubt. I must even say that, until then, we were very skeptical about these phenomena. I was going to simply omit to tell you that this sighting was made between 10:30 p.m. and 11 p.m.

You can, if you wish, mention this letter. We are not trying to play the "stars", but simply to uphold the truth. We are not delusional!”

Here is a new testimony to put in the file of this feverish tide of Dijon observations.

As a general rule, witnesses to these demonstrations begin by thinking that they are in the presence of something banal: an ambulance equipped with rotating lights, when the phenomenon is observed at ground level, or a plane, a helicopter flying at low altitude. It is only when they notice the total absence of noise, that the "thing" stops in the air, that it changes color, that it has no wings, that it emits rays almost unbearable, that they understand to be dealing with a completely unknown phenomenon.

To take your breath away

While the nature and provenance of these mysterious flying objects are still a matter of speculation, it is becoming increasingly difficult to deny their existence, given the large number of precise and detailed reports that have been established about them from police officers (we remember the observation of Dijon police officers this month on the Cras plateau, near the Combe à la Serpent), specialists in radar detection, pilots all over the world, in short, men trained in rigorous observation.

Since Copernicus, humanity has nevertheless learned (and not without difficulty!) that it is not the center of creation. It could well be that our planet is evolving very far away, at the edge of the cosmos. Most scientists agree that our sun is a middle-aged star, compared to certain stars of the second or third generation.

Why, in other spots of our galaxy, could there not exist beings very advanced compared to us on the scientific and technical level. We always tend to consider ourselves "modern", "very advanced". But our spaceships, our probes, compared to their means of transport, could simply have the appearance of ancient horsecarts! Let us simply remember our "progresses" for fifty years.

Real and imaginary

Of course, it is not pleasant to think of the existence of other intelligences than our own. But without going too far, without thinking about "little green men", we must recognize that there is a physical phenomenon that is not always explainable in the current state of science. Interpretation is often a matter of epidermis.

There is of course the risk of the superposition of reality and imagination. But what to think when seeing the photographs taken in the East by a friend of the author of "Flying Saucers, 25 years of investigation", Charles Garreau. We reproduced the object appearing solid and metallic, perfectly sharp on the series of color photos taken with a Kodak instamatic. And one of our photographers, Pierre Couturier, made the enlargement of the UFO appearing there in a more obvious way.

To take your breath away!


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