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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper La Voix du Nord, Nord - Pas-de-Calais, France, page 3, on September 12, 1954.


Flying saucer in Quarouble?

A mysterious craft and its passengers
in the beam of a flashlight

A few days after the appearance in the region of Amiens of a flying saucer which was reportedly seen by two workers going to their work, a phenomenon of the same kind reportedly occurred, according to the words of a reident of Quarouble, Friday evening, on the territory of this locality. The saucers seem to literally pile up in our crowded sky.

Mr. Marius Dewilde, 34, worker at the A.N.F. at Blanc-Misseron, domiciled at level crossing 79 in Quarouble, who narrates the facts which he claims to have witnessed, is formal. Living in the gatekeeper's house located in a particularly deserted place along a disused railway, Mr. Dewilde was at home Friday evening and ended the evening by reading a weekly newspaper.

It was around 10 p.m.; he was about to go to bed when his attention was attracted to the repeated barking of his dog. The animal being free in the enclosure which surrounds the small house, Mr. Dewilde, after taking an electric flashlight, went out to find out what was causing the agitation of his dog.

Like in the science-fiction

We will now leave it to him to personally describe the scene he claims to have had before his eyes.

"When I open the door, I don't see anything at first, but my dog ??turns alternately towards me and towards the railway line which runs along the house, I observed a little more attentively. I distinguished then, posed on the track a few meters from me, an oval, domed mass that might have been about six meters long and three in height. I thought it was a harvest cart abandoned by some farmer. I did not get more time to look at it any longer, because the dog was barking at another direction, I pointed my flashlight in the direction that it indicated to me.

"In the beam, I perfectly saw two strange beings moving quickly towards the dark mass, four to five meters apart. They were small, no more than a meter I thought, and stocky. They had big heads on which the beam of my flaslight was reflected as if it were a glass globe. Dumbfounded, I also saw a square of bright light opening on the side of the craft. Frightened now, I closed my eyes for a moment.

"When I opened them again, the light was gone, and the slightly swaying machine went up vertically, emitting smoke. Having [reached] a height of about ten meters, the underside reddened and the craft disappeared quickly. I didn't hear any noise except a breath at the start. It had hardly lasted more than fifteen seconds. As soon as I had enough strength to run, because my legs were numb, I woke up my wife."

Official research

Some time later, Mr. Dewilde reported to the Onnaing police station, where the officers on duty saw him arriving with strong emotion. He told them the extraordinary story that we have just given.

Saturday morning, Commissioner Grouchet went to the scene to carry out an investigation. After careful research, he found that he could not find the slightest trace, either on the ballast or on the rails or in the immediate vicinity of the witness's home.

In the afternoon, the Air Police inspectors also visited Quarouble.

Other witnesses saw
the saucer of Amiens

Traveling by car with his wife and mother-in-law, Mr. Robert Chovel, of Origny-en-Thiérache, was surprised to see moving at a relatively low altitude a luminous disc which went towards Lechaudron.

He was able to follow the moves of this strange machine for quite a while. According to his statements and those of the witnesses, the craft is provided at the rear with a tube through which luminous smoke escapes. Note also that it was the same evening when a similar craft was reportedly seen around Amiens.

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