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This article was published in the daily newspaper L'Ardennais, France, on February 6, 1974.


An unidentified flying object was seen Monday morning above Carignan by an Yvoisian going to his work. This one, foreman with the Factories of the Feulerie makes a point of remaining anonymous, but his common sense and his reputation among people who know him alloes to suppose that his words have a base that the future will perhaps explain to us. He tells in his own words:

"It was approximately 6:40, Monday morning, I went to my work like every morning by motorcycle. Whereas I drove in the Jean-Baptiste Clément street, I saw a gleam which I initially took for a gleam caused by a welding arc. It seems to me came from the Témana brickyard, close to the main road and I thought that somebody was already working there. Then the light appeared another time to me and finally a third time.

"At this time, I looked in the direction from where it came and I saw a flat disc, whitish, for which it was difficult to evaluate a diameter because of the distance and especially a thickness. The gleams which I had seen seemed to come from the top and from the bottom of the disc. It was then located very roughly on the railway, at height of the three bridges, and stood within approximately 60 meters of the ground. Then suddenly I saw a a light to turn above the disc which gave the impression to light like a lighthouse at the seaside. It then left in the direction of Sedan, rather fast and was then hidden from me by a hill."

Not being prone to hallucinations and not believing in the flying saucers, the witness went to his work without saying anything but thinking of course that somebody had seen the same thing as he did. However it seemed that none of his fellow workers managed to follow this phenomenon and he thus decided to tell them what he had seen, then to go to make a statement at the Gendarmerie.

No evidence as for now comes to corroborate or to destroy this account, however the good faith of the witness cannot be doubted, which raises questions about this phenomenon. All the possibilities for a logical explanation were considered. Neither a plane, nor a meteorite could have stopped in the air, and from the place where the witness was, the lines of the train engines which could have caused sparks are not visible.

The future or new testimonys will undoubtedly explain this phenomenon to us.

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