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UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaper La Presse, of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, page E4, on May 26, 1979.

The UFO pictures were genuine

CORDOBA (Argentina) (AFP). -- The pictures of a UFO taken a few days ago by an Argentinian photo hobbyist are authentic, according to results of the examination to which the negatives were subjected. Mr. Luis Ferreyra, who tried to photograph a bird around Los Molinos (at a hundred kilometers in the south of Cordoba) had suddenly been obstructed by the shade that was created in the sight by a flying object resembling in its form a sombrero with two port-holes. He succeeded in taking of them several very clear images which were reproduced by the local press, then by the Argentinian national press. After having remained motionless during a few minutes the UFO rose vertically at a very high speed and disappeared.

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