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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs in Argentina, 1971:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper La Nacion, Argentina, September 23, 1971.

Flying objects have been observed near Tres Arroyos and Colonel Dorrego

Bahia Blanca. -- In Tres Arroyos the presence of a luminous object was observed by several people on last Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. The object was going towards the west where it turned towards the north. Neither the degree nor the shape could be definitely established, but the witnesses say it was circular and about four meters in diameter.

In Colonel Dorrego young Osvaldo d'Annuncio, 19, an employee at the cooperative at Gil declared that he was walking along the road when he saw one or several objects. These came down in a neighboring field and their descent was accompanied by a loud explosion. At once his arms were paralyzed and his face, arms, and hands burnt, although he did not lose consciousness. The objects passed over a hill not far from him and then flew away, taking on a blue colour. At the moment of their departure, he stressed, a very strong gale like wind shook the neighborhood, and all that remained was a sort of mist, his lesions and a few acres of fields showing traces of fire. He then went to Bahia Blanca to see a doctor who said that his burns were light, the kind you get when too long exposed to the sun, his hands were purple like bruised and from his elbows down to his fingers he was affected by a kind of paralysis.

The village of Gil, about 8 km. from Colonel Dorrego, has also been the scene of a former sighting. A resident of this place while driving in a car was suddenly surprised by a UFO after which, as he declared, he was paralyzed and the motor of his car stopped.

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