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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs in Spain, 1979:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper La Montagne, France, on December 2, 1979.


Thousands of testimonials

Madrid. -- Unidentified Flying Objects are increasing their appearances in the skies of the Spanish peninsula from Malaga to Granada and from Madrid to Zaragoza. For the past week, there have been more than twenty appearances of UFOs confirmed by thousands of testimonials. The last two most spectacular cases were reported in the province of Albacete and on the highway leaving Zaragoza.

In Villalgordo, in the province of Albacete, Mr. JosÚ Climent, an engineer, had time to take ten photos of the UFO. These photos will be developed before a notary to demonstrate that there has been no manipulation. The two Air Force officers appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Defense to investigate UFOs had an interview with Mr. Climent who undertook to hand over the photos. The two officers who are also investigating the hijacking of a Caravelle by several UFOs last month in Valencia, refused to make any statement, specifying that it was a "reserved subject" and a "secret mission".

The testimony of four young people who were driving on the highway between Tauste and Zaragoza should also be taken into consideration. The four people claim to have seen an object emitting an intermittent light placed in the middle of the highway. Reducing their speed, the witnesses approached to about ten meters and they saw "a strange luminous object which seemed to float in the air, at a short distance above the ground." The object disappeared in the sky at high speed when the vehicle approached within a few meters.

From the four corners of the peninsula, testimonies continue to flow. The last UFOs were seen in Madrid, Granada, Malaga, Jerez and Logrono. The experts refuse for the moment to pronounce themselves, contenting themselves with emphasizing that in no case could it be a phenomenon of collective hallucination.

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