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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs in 1978:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper La Montagne, France, le 16 septembre 1978.

U.F.Os.: in Burgundy...

Dijon. -- On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, around midnight, the inhabitants of the hamlet of Huchey, commune of Viévy, near Arnay-le-Duc (Côte-d'Or), were suddenly awakened by a strange phenomenon.

A noise resembling that of a combine harvester shook the windows, the noise coming from the surroundings. Whereas several people opening the shutter did not see anything, because they were not in the right direction, Mr. and Mrs. Prosper Dubuet had, on the other hand, the amazement to see, they affirm, hovering above the pastures, a reddish mass topped with a green glow. The strange object moved at a dizzying pace and was soon out of sight.

Stunned, the witnesses wondered for several hours to find out if they had dreamed or taken some helicopter for a U.F.O. In any case, no trace was found in the fields.

...and above Italy

Unidentified flying objects were seen for the second consecutive day over Italy yesterday at dawn.

In Florence, a 42-year-old employee claimed that he had seen for about ten minutes, above the hill of Fiesole, a kind of burning cigar, with a bright red metallic structure at the front, red brick darker and darker behind. The object was, according to his estimates, at 700 or 800 meters of atltitude.

In the Alps, not far from Bolzano, several railway workers claim to have also seen a luminous craft, less than 1,000 meters of altitude. According to their description, it was a triangular object with two light beams, which disappeared after a few minutes at high speed.

Thursday, witnesses had affirmed, from the north to the south of Italy, that they had seen a U.F.O. According to certain hypotheses reported by the press, it could in fact be the Pégase satellite, which should return to the atmosphere on Sunday after three years of revolutions around the earth.

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