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UFOs in the daily Press:

A flying saucer on the Kastenwald in Alsace in the 1955 French Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Alsace, Colmar issue, page 5, March 2, 1955.

Case file here.

In the Kastenwald near Neuf-Breisach

A flying ball traveled with three Colmar residents...

It would be easy to turn these things into a joke to say that it was the day after Carnival and just this evening, the radio had a show on the attack on Earth by Venus... But we will not do that and to give the case its authentic style, it will suffice to tell things as they were reported to us in a first-hand testimony.

On the night from Monday to Tuesday, around 1:15 a.m., Mr. A.D., residing on Sainte Catherinestreet in Colmar, accompanied by his wife and her father had left Neuf-Breisach and drove by car to Colmar, without thinking evil. The moon showed its first quarter in the clear sky. Suddenly, at the exit of Wolfgantzen, Mrs. D. saw in the air, but high and behind the car, a dark red and orange ball. The moon? No, it was not a full moon, and then the "thing" could have measured 1 meter in diameter, and besides it moved conspicuously.

Mrs. D. was making a panic terror (at the time we are writing these lines she is still afraid). The two men, intrigued, wanted to stop, to see, finally, with their own eyes, a flying saucer that seemed to follow them. But after an agonizing debate, they figured it was better to calm the passenger who shouted they should "rush away to the village"... and thus, foot down on the accelerator, they crossed the level crossing which provides access to the Kastenwald.

But they had hardly entered there and they were at the crossroads of the Highway to Muntzenheim that the craft reappeared at tree height, in front of the car this time.

The three occupants were able to watch it lengthily, with the emotion you can imagine, because it continued to precede the vehicle rushing at 120 km per hour, as long it was in this forest of the Kastenwald, that is on a distance of about four kilometers.

And suddenly, silently, the saucer disappeared on the right at breakneck speed...

Obviously, the period of massive appearance of flying saucers is a bit outdated. Should we conclude that it is forever? In any case, go tell Mrs. and Mr. D. that they have been the subject of an illusion... We told you, they are still shaking.

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