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This article was published in the daily newspaper La Dépêche du Midi, France, page 18, on June 21, 1976.

General information

U.F.O. in Larique-Timbaut (47) !

Two brothers observe it during more than an hour

Agen (C.P.). -- All began in the evening of April 7: nobody had seen it, but he observed a long time a reddish ball which lit a whole curve within a hundred meters of the family farm.

Edmond Pic manages in the course of the day the gasoline station of Laroque-Timbaut and, when the evening comes, he returns to sleep at the family farm, at the Traverse locality, located at one kilometer of the village, at the corner of a small wood. It had indeed told his father and his brother that the red ball in the shape of a cigar had landed on the departmental way while a second craft circled at a constant distance, but nobody believed in it at the time: "An yet, we could observe the next day morning traces on the road like landing gear of an helicopter. I measured them, they were 9 cm broad with a spacing of 1.60 meters. The trail which had scratched the tar was long of 2 meters", claims Thadée Pic, brother of the first, but he waited to see to believe in it.

On May 24, his brother came to shake him out of the bed and, in his company, they observed during more than one hour a great gleam which rose behind the line of trees. But the lighting disappeared as it had come: "When we left, the dogs suddenly ceased barking and the cows appeared worried only during the two days which followed."

Received initially with a certain scepticism by people of the place, the appearance has them talking. Another person is said to have seen a craft a few kilometres from there and Edmond Pic, while returning at his place, Friday evening, observed during nearly one hour the intense gleam at the edge of the wood, at 50 meters of the first point. He is formal, the machine moved without noise and he saiys it was lighted only on one face. The least that can be said is that the U.f.o. of Laroque-Timbaut has continuation in its ideas.

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