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UFOs in the daily Press:

The UFO in Le Fousseret, France, 1979:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper La Dépêche, France, le 1 décembre 1979.


Mr. Jean Capblanquet, 39, is a driver at the C.U.M.A. of Le Fousseret. Very early, Wednesday morning, he was traveling on the Camelève road at the wheel of his tractor, when, from the top of a small hill, he saw further ahead on his road, a rotating blue light, characteristic of priority cars (such as the flashing light of ambulances).

It was 6:10 a.m., and it was dark, Mr. Capblanquat was not unduly surprised because he had heard the Cazères siren, signaling an accident (a collision between a car and a... horse).

He was approaching the place where he thought the collision had taken place, when having negotiated a final bend, he noticed that the light was no longer on the road, but about twenty meters above of the uninhabited farm of "La Palanque" and that it was moving at low speed (30 km/h) in a southerly direction. In addition, in synchronization with the flashing light, a projector illuminated the ground, at regular intervals, over an area of approximately twenty square meters.

For a panicked moment, Mr. Capblanquet accelerated the pace of his tractor: "I had read in "La Dépêche", he confided to us, yesterday, of the mysterious disappearance of this inhabitant of Cergy-Pontoise. And I thought suddenly: if the same thing happened to me... if the craft returned to suck me in" but the machine continued on its way and disappeared behind a wood. I had never been so scared, Mr. Capblanquet admitted to us, even during these three years of war in Algeria."

Mr. Capblanquet reported the circumstances of this mysterious encounter to the Fousseret gendarmerie. There was no fog that morning and no traces could be found. As for the size of the craft, Mr. Capblanquet is unable to specify it: "In the night, I only distinguished these two lights."

Another witness to the phenomenon was reported to us in Peyrisses, about fifteen kilometers from Le Fousseret, but there was confusion over the hours. It was 6 o'clock in the evening and the light, "an abnormally large star" was rather above the Pyrenees and orange in color. So for the U.F.O. of Le Fousseret, the mystery remains.

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