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This article was published in the daily newspaper La Quatrième République des Pyrénées, of Pau, page 1, October 19, 1954.

An ultimatum of the "Martians" to Earth!

A professor of Lausanne claims that the "saucers" come from several planets and that their occupants warned the principal governments of the Earth that they must stop their atomic and military policy in general

We note in the newspaper "Express" for last 16 October, the following article.

"Faithful reader of "l'Express", I was astonished by reading your synopsis the other day, to note that you seem to treat the matter of the "flying saucers" lightheartedly.

"Studying the questions and matters relative to the "flying saucers", I have been perfectly well-informed for seven years of all that was said or written on this subject. I am member and general correspondant for Switzerland, of the International Investigation Commission Ouranos.

"It results from my information corroborated by the turn of event od certain important diplomatic facts that these craft come from several planets and that their occupants warned the principal governments to have to stop their atomic and military policy in general.

"For a long time the population should have been informed honestly of the truth: the extraterrestrial origin of these craft, the peaceful mission of these other humanities, the possibility of several landings in an immediate future, information on the last landings (1948 and 1952 in the United States; 1952 and 1954 in France, etc.)

"These last days, identical phenomena multiply in France in particular and the public which laughed at it at one time seems to worry today.

"This concern is not justified. It is due to the ignorance in which one held the populations on all the phases and characteristics of this extraordinary foreword at the interplanetary era.

"Consequently, I think that it is necessary without delaying to train the public with the idea of this reality, to inform of all the history of the matter, our own preparations in order to go to nearby planets, and to provide him directives in the event of contacts or simple landings without continuations.

    Alfred NAHON
    Professor of Philosophy
    and Psychology

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