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UFOs in the daily Press:

The sighting in Vernon, France, 1954:

This article was published in the newspaper France-Dimanche, Paris, France, on September 5, 1954.

Here is the case file on this sighting.

Here is what Mr. Miserey saw in the sky of Vernon

The strange cigar shone in the night above the hills. When Bernard Miserey saw it at approximately one o'clock in the morning, a few days ago, in Vernon, he remained amazed about it. He had just put his car at the garage and had thrown a random glance towards the Seine which ran very close, at the end of the street. That's when he saw the thing.

At the end of a moment, a vertical disc was detached from the from of the apparatus, which Bernard Miserey classified in the category of the flying saucers, and which seemed to comprise a dark red core, bordered of black and surrounded of a luminous halation. The saucer descended towards the Seine, always at the vertical, then it took the position of the North where it disappears in a snap.

The cigar was still there. A little later, a second saucer was detached, then three others, which disappeared under the same conditions. Suddenly, Bernard Miserey became frightened. This is because a third saucer had been detached; which appeared to him to go down towards the bridge as for attacking it [it or him]. And then, it too, slipped by towards the north and disappeared. The cigar, meanwhile, had disappeared. All the scene had lasted approximately three quarters of an hour.

Our photograph represents Mr. Bernard Miserey showing, at the edge of the Seine, in Vernon, the direction taken by the saucers. Our draughtsman reproduced on the photograph, according to the indications of the witness, the cigar above the hills and the path followed by two of the five observed saucers.

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