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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFO seen from airliner, 1967:

This article was published in the daily newspaper The Edmonton Journal, of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on January 11, 1967.

Flying Saucer Convinces Skeptical Airline Crew

VANCOUVER (CP). -— Five members of a Canadian Pacific Airlines DC-8 crew never believed before, but they believe in flying saucers now.

The crew reported Tuesday they saw one on a recent flight from Lima, Peru, to Mexico City, and couldn't explain it away.

"We tried to discredit the thing from beginning to end, but it couldn't be anything we could think of," said Capt. Robert Millbank of suburban Burnaby.

He said he saw two beams of light during the Dec. 29 flight. Second officer John Dennis Dahl of White Rock, B.C., navigator Mike Mole of Mexico City, purser Joseph Lugs of Vancouver and pilot trainee Wolfgang Poepperl of Richmond gathered to watch the object.

"It was getting bigger all the time, and at one point shot out a trail of sparks like a rocket," Capt. Millbank said.

"Then it seemed to be getting closer and we could see a string of lights between two white lights.

"It then levelled off at our left wing-tip and, in the full moon, we could see a shape between the two lights which appeared thicker in the middle."

He said the object remained a couple of minutes then disappeared behind the big passenger plane. He said he filed a report in Mexico City after the flight.

The passengers did not see the object. The crew did not wake them.

Said Mr. Dahl, "I never believed in flying saucers before. But I've got to believe in them now."

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