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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFO sighting at Portage Mountain, Canada, 1972:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper The News, of Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada, on April 5, 1972.

UFO sighting at Portage Mountain

On the evening of Good Friday, March 31, two guards at the Portage Mountain camp at the Bennett Dam were looking west towards the mountains when they spotted three fast moving lights (white) travelling in formation towards the north.

There were clouds in the sky so the lights would disappear and appear, and they finally went out of sight behind the clouds. This sighting would not have caused any excitement, except this is the third such sighting, the previous ones being closer and much clearer.

The first sighting was last July during the day. The two men, and some workers in the camp watched one UFO as it moved slowly into sight. "It appeared to be the size of the full moon" said the guard, "and it rotated slowly since we could see what appeared to be antennas sticking out the side and they appeared and disappeared as the UFO rotated".

Two more UFO's came up to this one, and arranged themselves into an inverted "V" formation then they took off at great speed towards the north-west. This was not reported since the men thought they would be considered insane or drunk.

The second sighting was right in the Portage Mountain camp. The three UFO's visited them at about 11 p.m. and the light from them lit up the whole camp very clearly. On the second pass over the camp the three again joined in formation and went straight up into the clear sky until the lights could no longer be seen.

There was very little sound accompanying them, except for a sort of penetrating hum.

The two men, and some friends in camp who witnessed this sighting did not wish to have their names published, but are quite willing to be contacted by interested parties and say they can verify each sighting by many eye witness accounts.

The lights from these sightings differ from that seen in Kilkerran district by being a white light, whereas the Kilkerran light was a red or light red color.

It was a theory that the UFO's are attracted to the high powered electricity at the dam, which accounts for many other sightings that could not be proven, or verified.

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