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UFOs in the daily Press:

Red disc in Saint-Marcellin, France, 1977:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Dauphiné Libéré, France, on February 23, 1977.


We only learned on Tuesday evening of a UFO sighting that was made last Friday at La Sone, near Saint-Marcellin. It was 6:30 a.m. that day when Mr. X... (he wishes to remain anonymous, but he is very honorably known in the region) left his house to feed his hens. Mr X... is 35 years old and he works in a public works company. He lives in a relatively isolated farm at a place called "Pied Sec." Before going out, Mr. X... had had to calm his dogs who were howling to death and seemed very agitated. It was still dark, but the sky was fairly clear. Great was the surprise of Mr. X... when he saw arriving from the Vercors, an incandescent red disc "Big as a house..." which moved very slowly a few meters from the ground, therefore practically at ground level.

After passing very close to the village of La Sone, the craft headed towards Chatte. It flew over a quarry near the railway line, and it stopped. At that time the craft was 50 meters from Mr. X... The latter did not believe in UFOs. But what he saw was surprising, to say the least. Mr X... went home and called his wife, who is 34 years old. She also could contemplate the huge red disc that was hovering near her house. The grandmother was called again, and she came running in her turn. All three witnessed, dumbfounded, a scene they are not ready to forget.

They heard a rustling of leaves, and the craft projected on the ground, under it, a strong shower of sparks. It then started turning redder, and disappeared at lightning speed. After it left, "something" continued to burn, on the ground, for quite a while.

The gendarmes of Saint-Marcellin have been informed of this phenomenon. Last night, they went to the place, to try to find traces. But it was raining and soon night interrupted their research. They will resume it today. The gendarmes, who hope that other witnesses will be able to complete the statements of the farmers of the "Pieds Sec" have already learned that the dogs made a big racket in several houses in the area on Friday morning.

We invite anyone who has seen anything abnormal to report it to Mr. André Revel (phone 13-12) in Saint-Marcellin, or to contact the gendarmerie, which has taken this case seriously and opened an investigation.

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