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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFO in Saint-Pierreville, 1977:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Dauphiné Libéré, France, on January 11, 1977.

New UFO manifestation over the Saint-Pierreville region

SAINT-PIERREVILLE. -- For the third time since January 1, an unexplained phenomenon has been observed in this region. This Sunday, around 8 p.m., four people who wish to remain anonymous, observe in the sky, in the direction of Mézilhac, the moves of a very bright orange-red sphere. It seems to have a small reddish tail, which disappears after a few minutes. And the ball disappears at very high speed, leaving a red trail. Mrs. S. calls the mayor of Saint-Pierreville.

His son goes on a moped in the direction indicated and, 1 km from the exit of the village, on the route des quatre Vios, sees above the barn of Vabres, a kind of luminous halo of white color of strong intensity. There is an orange flash near this halo, like a flash of lightning, and the halo immediately disappears quickly. From its center emerges an orange ball which begins to perform repeated vertical translation movements before disappearing.

For lack of reference marks, the diameter could not be evaluated, it seems however that it is voluminous.

Such manifestations seem to be repeated with a certain frequency in this season, it would be useful for all those who witness these phenomena to report them to the Saint-Pierreville brigade.

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