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This article was published in the daily newspaper The Columbus Dispatch on October 10, 1973.

2 UFOs Reported Over U.S.

By United Press International

Several persons fought mosquitoes to get a glimpse of the red and green lights whirling atop an unidentified flying object hovering in the night skies about two hours over southeast Louisiana. Another UFO was reported in Indiana.

"It sent chill bumps down me," said Mrs. Harry Penton of Slidell, La. "When I first saw that star, I got excited, and that's when I hollered out to Jimmy to bring his binoculars."

Police in Eaton, Ind. said they tracked a strange flying object with flashing red, white and blue lights for several hours Tuesday night. Military radar at nearby Baer Field picked up the flying object, but officers were unable to contact the craft or determine what it was.

Police said 750 persons spotted the UFO and said calls asking about it came in from 15 different areas.

In Louisiana, Dennis Gros, managing editor of the Slidell Daily Times, said he tracked down the flashing object after receiving calls from residents Monday night.

"I fought mosquitoes 15 minutes watching something out there," he said. "I like to think there is some logical, earthly explanation for whatever it was. But we did watch something."

Jimmy Newbill said it looked like a star, but he was sure it wasn't Skylab.

"I've seen the Skylab a couple of times, but it's not Skylab. You couldn't see anything but the light."

Kenvin Penton said the object dimmed once and moved about 15 degrees laterally and closer to the horizon before it became bright again. The object was brightest when first spotted. It grew ever dimmer until it faded from view after two hours, he said.

Slidell police said they had no other reports of UFO's.

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