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This article was published in the daily newspaper The Clermont Sun, of Clermont County, Ohio, USA, on October 18, 1973.

It's a Bird! It's A plane! It's...
Reports of strange objects in the sky flood in to Clermont Sheriff's office

Reports of unidentified flying objects have been pouring into the office of Clermont County Sheriff Donald Watson.

Similar reports have been made directly to The Clermont Sun office.

At least one sighting of lights hovering in the sky was confirmed by a deputy sheriff dispatched to the scene.

Deputy George Schramm said he was asked to check the sky over the Owensville Elementary School Sunday night.

When he arrived, Schramm said, he could see a red, green and white light, stationary in the sky in the direction of Milford.

"I couldn't see the shape of it," said Schramm, "but the complainant told me it was pie shaped. He said it had been hovering over the school!"

Schramm speculated that the lights could have been a helicopter, although he thought it an unlikely time for a helicopter to be flying over Clermont County.

Watson said more than 15 calls about UFOs had come in since Sunday. He said he couldn't give the exact number because he had ordered his men not to enter the calls on the log.

Watson suggests reports of UFOs not be called in to his office. Instead, he would prefer that sightings be reported to the Federal Aviation Administration at Lunken Airport. The number there is 684-2183.

A Goshen resident told The Clermont Sun she has seen UFOs on several different occasions - including one sighting of four at the same time.

She declined the use of her name, saying she had experienced enough disbelief and ridicule.

The most spectacular sighting was from a point on SR. 28 looking north from Goshen, she said. This occurred about four years ago when she saw three small objects enter a fourth, larger one.

"They looked like bright lights," she said. "They were all in the same general area, but they entered from different directions. Whether they entered the same opening, or different openings, I don't know."

Usually, she said, the UFOs have looked like yellowish white lights with glimpses of red and green lights. "They move in a zigzag fashion, then sit still," she said.

Last Sunday, the Goshen resident reported, she saw another one in the Goshen area. It has a blue light revolving around the lower part of it, she said.

Asked what she believed the UFOs are, the woman said without hesitation, "Explorers from outer space."

The Clermont Sun would like to know of any other sightings of UFOs or other mysterious phenomenon by its readers. If you've seen one, write a letter about it to: The Clermont Sun, Batavia, Ohio, 45102. Letters for publication must be signed, and should include your phone number so we can call you for verification. No phone calls, please.

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