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This article was published on page 1 in the daily newspaper The Cincinnati Post, Ohio, USA, on October 17, 1973.

The World's Buzzing with UFO Talk

The latest flying object is reported from Lincoln Heights and Sharonville.

A woman said she heard a swishing noise in her back yard at 12:32 a.m. today as if a ship were taking off.

A Lincoln Heights man said he saw - at the same time - trees swaying from a wind in that area, and a bright ball of light with one flashing light moving upward to about 200 to 300 feet above the ground where it hovered a few moments, then moved upward to the northwest.

He said the light was so bright it camouflaged the vehicle. He described the noise as like a huge vacuum cleaner sucking air.

Nancy Steele, a junior at Scarlet Oaks Vocational School, Sharonville, said she and two other students sighted three UFOs at 8:20 a.m. today from their classroom, which has windows all along one side.

"The vehicle was white, resembling a thin strip, not small like the stream a jet makes," she said.

Nancy said no lights were apparent, and the vehicle had a short tail, compared with the tail section of a regular jetliner. About two minutes after the first one was sighted, she said, another came up fast, followed almost immediately by a third.

The reports weren't limited to Lincoln Heights. Cincinnati police got about 20 calls last night and Hamilton County police received 16 reports. Butler County and Hamilton police received more than 50 calls and deputies at the Warren County sheriff's office said the phone nearly rang off the wall with people calling to report bright-light sightings.

    Greenfield, Ohio - Two police officers chased separate unidentified objects more than five miles last night. Patrolman Mike Conklin said the one he chased was about "100 feet in diameter and glowed with a bright white light. It had a red area on top of it, as if it was overheated, and made a dull humming sound that increased in frequency as the object increased in speed."

    Conklin said he was able to drive his cruiser to within 100-feet of the object. "There were about 20 people out there looking at it at the time I was, so I know I'm not crazy," he added.

    Sgt. Hugh Oyer said the object he chased also was white in color with a yellow glow at one end. "I never believed in UFOs until tonight," Oyer said.

    "Some guy tried to tell me it was a star, but no star I've ever seen made a humming sound or jumped up and down or was so near the ground."

Chillicothe, Ohio - Three UFOs forced her car off a roadway, Mrs. Shirley Johnson said. "The kids and I were driving home from my mother's home when three huge lights, two white and one greenish, zoomed down," Mrs. Johnson said.

"Two white lights were on either side of the car while the green one was in the front."

Mrs. Johnson said she could not determine any details because "the kids were screaming to go back to grandmother's and I was scared to death. I never saw anything like it."

She said the lights suddenly rose in the air and left. She said there was no noise.

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