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This article was published in the daily newspaper The Cincinnati Post, Ohio, USA, on October 15, 1973.

Test points to truth of UFO report

United Press International


Reports of UFOs were again reported in west central Ohio last night by residents and law enforcement officers.

Ohio highway patrolmen said they saw and received calls about several "grayish discs with red and bluish-green lights" and orange colored objects along Interstate 75 in Butler, Warren and Montgomery counties and also in the Dayton area.

Residents calling said the objects emitted a humming sound and at least one rotated as it flew. Altitude of the discs was estimated from three miles to treetop level.

Some of the objects were described as "blimp-shaped, some with red lights around the rims and with a blue flame, or flare, coming out of the bottom."

Amid some 80 UFO reports in Ohio last night, one woman "hysterically" told law officers an oblong object with blinking lights landed in a field in Highland County and killed two cows. A sheriff's search of the general area uncovered nothing, but a deputy said the only directions the woman gave were "behind Boston, Ohio on Petersburg Pike," which runs about 10 miles through farm country.

In Montgomery County, an officer reportedly took a black and white photograph of a red and green blinking object that was stationary over the village of Union for about five minutes.

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, which operated a UFO center until several years ago, repeatedly has said it would not investigate the sightings and has denied reports of two UFOs over the base itself.

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