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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs in Portugal, 1965:

This article was published in the daily newspaper The Boston Globe, Boston, USA, on July 12, 1965.


Portugal Clock Stop:
Was It Flying Saucers?

LISBON, Portugal (AP). -- Strange objects moving through space were reported sighted in two widely separated areas of Portugal Sunday. The Azores Weather Bureau claimed that interferences from one stopped its electromagnetic clocks.

Descriptions of the objects were strikingly similar to official Argentine and Chilean military reports of sightings in the Antarctic last week.

The first reported mysterious flying object appeared in Motosinhos, near the northern city of Oporto, where Manuel Fernandes and his wife at first saw "some sort of luminous flattened balloon."

"The thing was very luminous, and had orange coloring and was nearly red at times," the couple said, "and at times green rays shot out from a side.

Fernandes, an employee of the Fishermen's Union, said "The strange object at first sight looked like a flattened balloon, but then as we both watched, it looked like a plate turned over.

"The saucer stopped at rather high altitude, near the coast, for about three minutes. Then, with an incredible velocity, it sped towards the north."

Fernandes said his radio was playing while the object circled over a forest near the house, but that heavy interferences interrupted the music.

A similar type of interference stopped the electromagnetic clocks of the Villa do Porto Weather Bureau in the Portuguese Azores Archipelago, a spokesman said.

"We are completely puzzled," he said.

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