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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs in Winsconsin, USA, 1976:

This article was published in the daily newspaper the Argus, of Elmwood, Wisconsin, on June 3, 1976.

More on the George Wheeler case here.

Whatever "They" Are, They Are Still Around Here

The "Somethings" are still around apparently. Those who see them hesitate to call them "UFO's" because so many people just scoff at the idea. Any way you look at it, there is something that cannot be explained going on.

On May 20, Mrs. Gayle Bock and Mrs. Kathy Holt were returning to Elmwood from the course in Emergency Medical Technician training that they are taking in River Falls. It was about 10:30 p.m.

Just a little way out of River Falls on STH 29 they observed this object flying along side of them just above the tree tops. It was then obscured from their view for a short time and the next time they saw it, it was coming straight at them. There were two very bright lights, like beacons, in front of it and it made no noise.

They drove on a short distance and then stopped. When they stopped, they realized that it was directly over them. Mrs. Bock estimated that it must have been 80 to 100 feet above them. She said she was a bit frightened and didn't get out of the car, but put her head out the window to get a better look.

She said they sat there for several minutes and the object stayed right over them. It was perfectly round and had red and blue lights in the bottom of the "thing" that alternately flashed off and on. There was no sound that they could hear and it stayed above them as long as they were parked. When they decided to continue on their way east, it went on west. She said it did not appear to be as large as the one George Wheeler described.

This is the third time that the ladies have observed "something" on their return from River Falls. The first time they saw the "orange glow" when they turned off STH 183 onto CTH "G". However, it was not nearly as close as the May 20 sighting.

The second time that something was seen, the car ahead of them with Mr. and Mrs. Don Yauch and Paul Fredrickson, who are also taking the course at River Falls, had stopped and Mr. Fredrickson got out of the car. He stated that they were not positive what they had seen that time. It had the orange glow and seemed to be moving very slowly.

Mrs. Bock and Mrs. Holt also stopped their car at that time to look at the object. They all agreed that they couldn't be positive as to what it was, but there seemed to be a different operation than that of the usual aircraft that one sees.

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