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UFOs in the daily Press:

Balloon escaped, Ireland, 1956:

This article was published in the daily newspaper The Advocate, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, on September 11, 1956.


That Flying Saucer

No better place could have been picked for the landing of a flying saucer than in a bog near Moneymore, Ireland. Sure, and it's the truth that Mister Hutchinson must be telling when he reports on what he saw and felt that day the saucer landed in the bog close by Loch Neagh, the noted place of leprechauns, ghosts and witches.

Hutchinson, as you may have read, saw this object fall. He went to it bravely, and curiously. Hiefting it, he could see its markings which were all strange and unknown to him. Knowing such objects oughts to be turned over to the proper authorities, he set out lugging it to town and the police. But the saucer, taking advantage of a little respite when he set it down, lifted and went away.

To Mr. Hutchinson, the memory is very vivid and clear of that object, It was bright red with marks and dark stripes. It was attractive and intriguing, and very like weather balloons which a Royal Air Force officer said are being turned loose. If ever it comes down again, we hope the Air Force officer gets hold of it and keeps it on land long enough for all to be satisfied as to its nature.

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