Pictures by amateurs in the US:

A collection of pictures by amateurs in the US.

UFO picture


This is the fourth shot in a third series of color pictures by Bill Herrmann. He was standing in a field holding his breath as the 40ft diameter object hovered, wobbling around its vertical axis. The object one made a loud buzzing noise at another time.
UFO picture


On assignment to photograph Catalina Island for the US Navy, Mr. Leland Hanson was in a helicopter when he filmed this object, which at first hovered, then sped across the length of the island. According to independent photographic experts, the disc's calculated velocity was between 130 to 170mph, and had no apparent wings or tail that would signify it as an airplane. However, researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory computer enhanced the image and found that there might have been a tail rudder. The video is available here.
UFO picture


An anonymous witness took this picture of a UFO or a toilet seat cover outside of Denver, Colorado, on Friday, July 28, 2000 at 03:12pm, in a field near High Voltage power lines. The visual witness were two, the object hovered and made sound. One of the two witness wrote: "Looked out a kitchen window and noticed a quick, hovering, darting object. We went outside to take a look and then realized that it might be something paranormal. Went and got digital camera and took two good pictures (others were very blurred from the darting movement). Object suddenly vanished and there was a flash of light.

Click here to get the two pictures in a larger format.

UFO picture


A picture from Fred R. from Jensen Beach, Marin Counti, Florida, July 23, 2000 at 15:20. Fred said he was the only witness of a disk shaped object that had an aura or haze around it.

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