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The Pascagoula abduction:

The Pascagoula abduction:

This is From: Executive News Svc., 1991

Visit the page about the Pascagoula encounter for contextual information.

More on Pascagoula... Retold in 91:

03-25-91 BILOXI, Miss. It's been 17 years, but Charles E. Hickson still remembers every detail of his intriguing abduction by aliens onto an unidentified flying object in Pascagoula in 1973. Hickson, 1 of 4 speakers at the first UFO International Conference held in Biloxi, told of his unique UFO experience that occurred on a fishing trip with his friend, Calvin Parker. Sitting on a bank near a bridge on the Pascagoula River, Hickson & Parker unexpectedly saw an unusual round or oblong aircraft about 30 feet long land near them. Immediately they were approached by 3 robot-like creatures who picked Hickson up & carried him aboard the aircraft. "Calvin fainted so he didn't know what'd happened, but I was carried aboard by these robots. Once inside an object came out of the wall which seemed to scan my entire body from top to bottom. I saw living beings through a window but they never touched me or said anything to me." The beings in the window looked similar to humans, with light colored skin & normal facial features. "I didn't know what was going on. But I felt suspended for about an hour or hour & a half while they inspected me." Eventually, the robots took Hickson back outside to the river bank & the aircraft left, leaving him in a state of shock & disbelief. However, knowing that his experience wasn't his imagination playing tricks on him, Hickson's come very strongly to believe that what happened to him was a visit by real alien beings who arrived on earth from another planet or sphere in what're known as unidentified flying objects.

He's continued to've contact with the aliens in the years since that time & that there'll be further UFO activity in the near future. "There's no doubt in my mind that UFOs exist." Also speaking at the conference, which drew several hundred UFO enthusiasts from across the Gulf Coast & other parts of the United States, were UFO experts Antonio Huneeus, a UFO investigator & researcher; Budd Hopkins, an author of UFO books who himself experienced a sighting in 1964; & Stanton Friedman, a UFO investigator, scientist, author & maker of documentary UFO movies. Huneeus said UFOs're a global phenomenon & has recently, since the period of Glasnost in the USSR, been able to study many sightings in Russia which were formerly kept secret. Sightings've occurred in almost every country around the world. Showing slides of photographs said to be taken of actual UFOs, 1 of the problems all legitimate UFO investigators must deal with're the people who deliberately take photos or make claims which later're proven to be hoaxes. "We do study UFOs seriously, & we may not've the final answers, but we do believe we've some evidence that some UFO sightings're real." Friedman, who's studied the phenomenon for 32 years, is convinced that some UFOs're indeed alien aircraft & that the US government's known this to be true since 1947. "None of the arguments made by the skeptics can stand up under careful scrutiny. Alien visits're the biggest story of the past millenium."

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