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Liquid water on Mars:

Vince DiPietro is a courageous scientist trying for many years to bring NASA scientist to take some notice on several capital FACTS about Mars, with absolutely no success. Please read the letter underneath. My personal feeling about it is of deep anger: I feel cheated by the total lack of scientific motivation and unresponsiveness of NASA/JPL scientists. We do have all the evidence that life still exists on Mars (this is just one element of the whole picture).

Liquid water on Mars, see it burst:

A letter from Vincent DiPietro to NASA, 2001:

We are calling for the JPL to give some consideration to photographing the area of the water spout that Dr. Leonard Martin of Lowell Observatory published in 1980 in the NASA Activities (Dec. 1980, vol. 11, number 12). Then we are asking that this site be considered as the primary landing site for the upcoming Mars Pathfinder Mission Rover. There were two overlapping photos taken 4-1/2 seconds apart which clearly show this geyser eruption of water. This area is significant in establishing that water still exists on Mars. What this means is that if the area is percolating with hot water, two things are apparent:

  1. The peroxides that are present all over the surface of Mars would be vanquished from this wet area.
  2. Any microbial life would thrive in this area.

Like all of the work that we have done on the Cydonia region, Dr. Martin's work has never been seen or heard from again since 1980. When I went to Flagstaff, to the Lowell Observatory a few years ago, the attendants at the visitor's center informed me that Dr. Martin was still there, but none of them had ever heard of the water spout, and of course, the pictures were NOT on display. It seems like almost a conspiracy to cover-up any evidence that Mars could have or still contains the prime ingredients for life. What do you think? How do we get NASA to consider this area to put the lander on to do the soil sample analysis for life forms??

You may also wish to refer to my book (pps. 60-66) which gives the details and frame numbers of this discovery by Dr. Martin.


Vince DiPietro

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