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Alleged photographs of ET beings:

North Carolina, USA, 1967:

The only information I had on this image is that it is a "controversial" picture, seemingly a photograph taken in North Carolina, USA, July 21, 1967.


About this image, a reader wrote to me on June 10, 2003:

Good evening, I once more want to congratulate you for your website which beats all the records as "center of UFO information."

I already wrote to you in April for a sighting report in Tours, but do you have the book "first investigations into extraterrestrial humanoids"? If so, have a look at page 149, [159] it seems there is a ufonaut similar to that of the photograph of North Carolina in 1967, what I took for a spherical machine in the background of the photograph of your site is in fact a reflection of a "lamp" that the extraterrestrial being holds:


This is the photograph in the book, notice that the two creatures each hold the pear-shaped device.

I did not find further details about the photograph in the book.

Thanks to this reader. I indeed have the book, but had not thought of the connection. Henry Durrant's book gives this illustration without comments as example of what he classifies as "Type 4 occupant" in his proposed classification of extraterrestrial entities. He defines type 4 as "all that does not enter" under the other types, specifying "type 4 is generally not humanoid". It seems that there is some confusion of definition for these categories or types, the illustration perfectly fitting type 1 (humanoids) were it not that he also defines a "category 4" as the category for doubtful reports.

As my reader indicates, there is no information specific to the photography whose drawing is obviously inspired; the simple presence of the drawing in this 1977 publication however suggests that it is not of a recently hoaxed picture for some "internet hoax" intent but rather a "classic," hoax or not. Let's also note a strange attenuation in the drawing of what one could interpret as "female curves" for the hips.


The above information was written before March 6, 2004. On this date, I received the following very valuable information:

Regarding the alleged photo of the small alien being that was taken in North Carolina in 1967:

This photo was taken by a (then) teenager named Ron Hill. He claimed to have taken it in his backyard. I'm not sure how, but John Keel got involved (the boy may have sent him the photo). Keel believed in its authenticity at first, as apparently many had since nothing in boy's reputation indicated that he was given to dishonesty. His story was written up in the July/August 1969 issue of Saga - a no longer published men's adventure magazine, which I have yet to locate. Keel says the boy eventually confessed he hoaxed the photo; the "alien" was actually a doll wrapped in aluminum foil.

[name and address witheld]
Washington, PA 15301

P.S. I just discovered your web site and I think it's just spectacular! One of the very best I've seen.



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