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Roswell 1947:

This is the information and documentation I have started to collect about the Roswell incident in New Mexico, USA, 1947.

Roswell Daily Record frontpage

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The documents:

This section contains the documentation on the Roswell Incident. From the original Press release by Roswell Army Air Field in 1947 to the General Accounting Office's search for record report of 1995, from the affidavits of the witnesses to the newswires and press articles, this is the incontrovertible documentary base on which researchers elaborate their analysis.

Click! Witnesses listing, their testimonies and statements, and researchers' comments.
Click! Official documents released under FOIA.
Click! Official investigations.
Click! 1947 Newswires.
Click! 1947 Newspapers.
Click! Articles and announcements in modern mass media.
Cliquez! The Roswell incident in various publications after 1947 but before 1978 when it became famous.
Cliquez! The first ufologists investigations.
Click! Photographic material.
Click! Documents for the researchers.

Opinions, debates, research:

Click! Articles by researchers discussing precise aspects of the Roswell incident.

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