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Secret aircraft of the USA:

This aircraft, called "LoFlyte", was experimental, and because it was an attempt to build an hypersonic jet, it was used by some "skeptics" to dismiss various UFO reports, even over countries outside the USA such as Belgium, where triangular-shaped UFOs sightings were reported. But, as you will see, there is a little problem about the LoFlyte that makes it impossible to use it as "the explanation" for such UFO reports.

The "LoFlyte" hypersonic airplane:

The LoFlyte

Artist's view, false black color.

The incredible LoFlyte hypersonic aircraft looks like a good candidate to explain some of the triangular shaped large UFOs spotted all around the world... So said the French press when an historical UFO flap occurred in Belgium in 1989-93.

The LoFlyte

The LoFlyte

The LoFlyte

But ... there is a whole collection of problems!

Yes indeed, the LoFlyte is a small remote controlled craft, and has nothing to compare with the large dark triangular objects with lights at their corner and in the middle... The LoFlyte cannot hover, it cannot stay stationary, or fly at the speed of a bicycle, it has no lights, and, of course it flew only in the US in few occasions.

The LoFlyte

After the unveiling, Topher Kersting, Marketing Coordinator for Accurate Automation Corporation, a prime contractor for the joint NASA and US Air Force project, confirmed: "The next version, pending the successful completion of the forthcoming flight test, is intended to be a 23ft (7m) unmanned remotely piloted vehicle capable of hypersonic flight. What is beyond that is anybody's guess."

Kersting also confirmed that the photograph released by Accurate Automation Corporation was a computer generated Photoshop(TM) composite, created by a colleague and himself. "Just because you see a picture on a cloud background doesn't mean that the plane has flown," he cautioned.

One last thing: the LoFlyte model first flew in 1995!

Other "secret planes":

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