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Crop circle:

The Hoeven 1996 "snow circles":

In a previous article, I showed how "BLT", the group of Burke, Levengood and Talbot, as well as the Dutch physicist Eltjo Haselhoff, fooled their readers about alleged "scientifically proven crop circles" in Hoeven, the Netherlands.

The so-called scientific evidence isn't one. But worse, the so-called witness of a luminous "phenomenon" which allegedly "created" this circle, Robbert van den Broeke, is quite simply a defrauder known for a long time as such in the Netherlands, caught for example when he tried to pass along a photograph of a Papua-New-Guinea native he cut off the Reader' S Digest as a photograph of an extraterrestrial being he took!

Of course, my article was never mentioned by any of all the "crop circles" website, their goal is to make you believe just anything, certainly not to help you to discover that behind the "scientifically proven crop circles" rest only perfectly ridiculous errors and lies.

Well, the story wasn't over, as in 2009 we are served with "snow circles", "crop circles in the snow" so to speak, again in Hoeven, allegedly "unexplainable", impossible to be done by people, "snow circles" whose "witness", "discoverer" is, once again, as by chance: Robert van den Broeke. (Photograph above).

Read all about it here.

This "Hoeven snow circles" nonsense did not start in 2009, but in 1996.

That year, the young Robbert van den Broeke "discovers" by "intuition" a circle in a field, as usual close to his home in Hoeven, the Netherlands, on December 30 or 31. He takes a photograph of the circle:

Of course he shows this photograph to "crop circle experts", and you can find it for example on page 18 of the book "Les cercles dans les blés et leurs mystère" by Dutch physicist Eltjo Haselhoff, published in 2001 for the English version and 2002 for the French version.

And it says a lot about the "science" of the alleged mysterious crop circles...

Indeed, Eltjo Haselhoff flatly states as a caption to the picture:

"No footsteps prints were found going in or out of the formation."

And yet, a child could understand that the entry and the exit of the formation are visible, just like a nose in the middle of a face:

All that was needed was to advance in from the edge of the field - astutely not shown on the photograph - by scraping the top of the ground furrow so that steps traces do not appear as such, rather than walking normally, to make a physicist believe that there is "no footsteps print", and to make him present the formation as an "authentic" mysterious phenomenon! (*)

Just a bit of trampled, dispersed snow, in the furrows of a field... A childish fraud, except for the "crop circle experts"...

That's "crop circles science"...

(*) If the ground is frozen enough you can also walk in without leaving any traces, and make your circle by using salt, you would then spare the need to masking footsteps traces.

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