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The 1954 French flap:

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January 9, 1954, Oisilly, Côte-d'Or:

Reference number for this case: 9-Jan-54-Oisilly. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


Among numerous sightings in a wide area, there was one in Oisilly, according to a Press source giving no detail but wondering whether all these sightings were a balloon, a jet, a meteor or a flying saucer.

The sighting in Oisilly was apparently cited, without any detail other than the date, in the newspaper La Bourgogne Républicaine for January 13, 1954.

It was obviously the meteor seen at that date from numerous places in the area on January 9, 1954, but not everyone realized it. For example Charles Garreau who was then both a flying saucer buff and a journalist of the regional newspaper La Bourgogne Républicaine, thought he has proven it was not a meteor: he plotted the sightings on a map and drew a zigzag line from one place to another according to the hours given in the Press reports - for the Oisilly sighting he said it was at 07:45 a.m.

This was of course silly, as the hours indicated by the witnesses at to be approximate hours, not precise hours.

This was pointed out rightfully by "skeptical" ufologists Gérard Barthel and Jacques Brucker in 1979, but the sighting in Oisilly was nevertheless claimed to be "disc-shaped craft" on the Web many years later.



French journalist and pioneer of French ufology Charles Garreau drew the map underneath to plot sightings which all occurred on January 9, 1954, between 06:15 A.M. and 7:50 A.M. in the East of France.

Though no narrative is joined, it is visible on the map that according to Garreau a sighting of some sort occurred on January 9, 1954, at 07:45 a.m. in Oisilly.


The authors give two sketches, the one on the left is the trip of the flying saucer according to Charles Garreau, the one on the right is the trajectory of the meteor according to them:

The authors fustigate [rightly] the ufologists who like Charles Garreau took the hours of observations given in the newspapers literally [as if people were then provided with stop watches! These hours are generally only approximations made a posteriori] and then believed in a complicated flying saucer travel where a meteor had actually passed.

Barthel and Brucker specify that the North-West to South-East trajectory of the meteor of 7:50 is confirmed by testimonies coming from other countries.


This magazine listed this case:

54 01 09 7H45 LN Oisilly and Gemeaux



[... Other cases...]

JANUARY 9, 1954

The aerial object that flew over the Côte d'Or left the door open to various assumptions: meteor, balloon, jet plane or saucer, according to the newspapers! The witnesses describe it as an object at the speed of a (Burgundian) snail, then as a fireball describing an extraordinary journey: Nancy, Neuvelle les Champlittes, Chaumont, Langres, Gemeaux, Besançon. It was reportedly also seen in Dijon, Oisilly and Auxonne. It was also described as a reddish trail or yellow disk, depending on its speed and angle of observation (ref. 21)

[... Other cases...]

The source "ref. 21" is indicated further on, as "21 - Bourgogne Républicaine for 1/13/54, Mystérieux objets célestes by Aimée [sic] Michel, page 96 to 99 -"


54 01 09 / OISILLY / 7:45 / LN / P /

(Source: Bourgogne républicaine, 1/12/54)

[Note: Three is actually nothing about the Oisilly sighting in that newspaper for January 12, 1954.]

[Ref. lcn1:] LUC CHASTAN:

Luc Chastan indicates that in the "Côte d'or in Oisilly" on January 9, 1954, at 07:45 "Observation of a discoid object of a dazzling red luminosity with trail. Coming from the northwest and making a loop towards the north east."

The source is indicated as "Les soucoupes volantes viennent d'un autre monde by Guieu Jimmy ** Fleuve Noir 1954".

[Jimmy Guieu told nothing about that sighting, he only reproduced Charles Garreau's map ([cgu1]).]


The January 9, 1954, 07:48 a.m. meteor.


(These keywords are only to help queries and are not implying anything.)

Oisilly, Côte-d'Or


[----] indicates sources which I have not yet checked.

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