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The 1954 French flap:

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January 9, 1954, Beaujeu, Rhône:

Reference number for this case: 9-Jan-54-Beaujeu. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


French Science-Fiction writer and ufologist Jimmy Gieu indicated in his 1954 books on flying saucers that on January 9, 1954, a spaceship moved above Beaujeu.

He said it was similar to a "lenticular spaceship" reported that day at the same time in the departments of Jura, Haute-Marne, Doubs and Côte-d'Or.

Ufologist Charles Garreau put this sighting on a map with the others.

Both failed to understand that it was actually a widely-seen meteor.


[Ref. jg1:] JIMMY GUIEU:

French Science-Fiction writer and ufologist Jimmy Gieu indicates that on January 9, 1954, a "similar spaceship evolved above Macon and Beaujeu."

"Similar spaceship" refers a "lenticular spaceship" Guieu says had been reported that day at the same time in the departmens of Jura, Haute-Marne, le Doubs and Côte-d'Or.


French journalist and pioneer of french ufology Charles Garreau drew the map underneath to plot sightings which all occurred on January 9, 1954, between 06:15 A.M. and 7:50 A.M. in the East of France.

Though no narrative is joined, it is visible on the map that a sighting of some sort occurred on January 9, 1954, at or aproximately at 07:50 A.M., from the city of Beaujeu ot near that city.

[Ref. lc1:] LUC CHASTAN:

Luc Chastan indique que dans le Rhône à Beaujeu on January 9, 1954, at 07:50 "Observation of a disc North-west South East trajectory".

The source is indicated as "Les soucoupes volantes viennent d'un autre monde by Guieu Jimmy ** Fleuve Noir 1954".


The January 9, 1954, 07:48 a.m. meteor.


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Beaujeu, Rhône, lenticular


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