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The 1954 French flap:

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September 22, 1954, Montgeron, Essonne:

Reference number for this case: 22-sep-54-Montgeron. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.




"All that I can say, it is that it had a tail... So did Mrs. Chatelin (Pic. 1) summarize her testimony.

Mrs. Chatelin is 60 years old; she is employed with the factories of André shoes, a job which does not predispose to imaginative disorder. And yet, she too, saw a flying saucer.

I live in Norville (S. and O), she says; I was returning from a union meeting. In the sky, above the castle, I saw a moon twice larger than the real moon. Moreover, it had a tail. I pinched myself to make sure that I did not dream: the machine had a kind of sudden start. Then it emitted flames and disappeared...

Mrs. Vasseur, who lives 25, Sénart street, in Montgeron, did not see anything. But her son Marcel, who is sixteen years old, suddenly shouted:

- Mum, he said, there's a fire...

Mrs Vasseur rushed towards the window of the dining room:

- It was, she specified, less [...]


"All I can say is, it had a tail." Thus Mme Chatelin (photo 1) sumed up her testimony. Mme. Chatelin, 60 years old, is employed at the André shoe factory, not a trade which predisposes one to excessive imagination. Nonetheless, she saw a flying saucer.

"I live in Norville (Seine-et-Oise) she says; "I was returning home from a union meeting. In the sky above the château I saw a moon twice as big as the real one. Besides, it had a tail. I pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. The machine did a sort of somersault. Then it shot out flames and disappeared."

Mme Vasseur, who lives at 25 Senart street, Montgeron, saw nothing. But her son, Marcel, 16, suddenly cried our "Mama, there's fire." Mme Vasseur ran to the dining room window. "It was lower than the stars", she states, "and smaller than the moon. But it was round and white. The object remained motionless, then it descended to rooftop level. Through field glasses, I could see that it had green and red lights (as if in "The war of The Worlds.")

These two observations (Mme Chatelin and Mme Vasseur) occurred on the same day: September 22, 1954, at 7:35 PM.

[Ref. ub1:] "UFODATENBANK.DE":

The database entered the case twice, as "Sénart" is likely this case in "rue de Sénart" (Aimé Michel wrongly noted it as "in Sénart").

Case number New cas number Investigator Observation date Zip Observation place Observation country Observation time Classification Remarks Identification
22.09.1954 Senart France Night NL
22.09.1954 Rueil Montgeron France 20.30 NL


In 1954, the department for La Norville was the Seine-et-Oise.


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Montgeron, Seine-et-Oise, Essonne, luminous, object, Vasseur, Marcel Vasseur, round, white, low, motionless, descent, binoculars, green, red


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