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Letter to Maj. Jesse A. Marcel by his sister asking him to leave the Military:

Document description:

This document is a letter from Jennie M. Savoie, Major Jesse A. Marcel's sister. She asked him to leave the Army to relief her from the burden of taking care for their mother, aged 92.

Marcel left active duty in September 1950 with the rank of Major and went to Louisiana to take care of his mother as her sister asked in this letter. He was discharged with his air force reserve duty in 1958 with the rank of reserve Lieutenant-Colonel.

Scanned document:



Rt. 2, Box 270
Houma, La.

Major Jesse A. Marcel
6006 Ridge Drive
Washington 16, D.C.

Dear Jesse,

As you well know, I have been taking care of Mother for the past 22 years to the best of my ability and feel that I have done my share towards caring for her and providing her with a home.

Since my operation two weeks ago, I have come to the conclusion that the burden of caring for Mother and providing a home for her will, from now on, be up to you. I cannot care for her any longer as my operation has left me unable to further support her.

I thereby request that you come home and make arrangements towards her care and support. Mother is 92 years of age and I feel that I have given her the better part of my life. So make every effort to sever connection with the Army and come home to care for your Mother. She needs you.

Jennie M. Savoie

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