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UFOs in the daily Press:

Coral Lorenzen in Socorro, 1964:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper The Daily Citizen, of Tucon, Arizona, USA, page 15, on April 27, 1964.



Tourist Trade Includes some From Mars?

By John Riddick

Intelligent beings from another planet have made several landings in New Mexico in the past few days, believes a Tucson woman concerned with unidentified flying objects (UFO).

Mrs Coral Lorenzen, director of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, has just returned from investigating the reported UFO landing in Socorro, N. M., last Friday.

"WE'RE CONVINCED the Socorro polieman saw what he said he saw," said Mrs. Lorenzen who has investigated many such events.

Socorro Policeman Lonnie Zamora said he saw an egg-shaped UFO about the sze of a large automobile land with a roar and a burst of blue flame.

The officer told Mrs. Lorenzen he later saw the UFO again shootinh blue flame, rise about 20 feet in the air and fly off to the west whith a whining noise.

"I talked with this man and he was obviously very frightened," said Mrs Lorenzen. "That's pretty hard to fake.

"Another officer, Sgt. Samuel Chavez, of the New Mexico Highway Patrol, arrived just after the UFO left," she continued. "He saw the ground still smoking and there was no smeel of gazoline or anything like that."

Mrs. Lorenzen and her husband, Leslie, a Tucson engineer who designs space probes, visited the landing site.

"SOMETHING VERY heavy landed there," said Mrs. Lorenzen. "The grass was all scorched off and a couple of mesquite bushed were charred right down to the ground. There were four deep indentations and sone strange tracks as if someone had taken a scoop and dug out dirst in four spots."

Mrs. Lorenzen also talked with military personnel from the White Sands Missile Range near Socorro who are investigating the incident. They can't explain the UFO, she said.

Another UFO was reported at Espanola, N. M., at 1 a.m. on Sunday morning.

"Orlando Gallegos, a Standard Oil employee in Santa Fe, saw a much larger object," said Mrs. Lorenzen. "The scorched area and the landin indentations are about the same.

"I TALKED with the state police and they said the ground was still smoking 20 hours later."

Mrs. Lorenzen said other ufo sightings have been reported in New Mexico in the past few days and she is investigating these too.

The Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, formed by Mrs. Lorenzen in 1952, has nearly 800 members around the world.

"I know it sounds way out to say intelligent race from another planet is reconnoitering the earth," said Mrs. Lorenzen. "But I'm matter of fact about it because we work with it all the time. There are six to 12 landings in a year.

"For example, there were two in October in Argentina and Brazil. Some years there are a lot more. There were 75 in 1957 when the last UFO landing was reported at White Sands also."

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