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UFOs in the daily Press:

The Bolazec saucer landing, France, 1966:

The article underneath has been published in the daily newspaper Le Télégramme de Brest, France, on January 18, 1966.

A young carpenter reports the strange encounter he had in open country at 4 o'clock in the morning.

Strange adventure, the one that lived Mr. Eugene Coquil, 23 years old, carpenter, resident with Kermadien, in Bolazec, thet he will remember a long time.

In the night of Saturday to Sunday, he drove at the steering wheel of his "Dauphine" [a standard car model by Renault] on the Morlaix-Callac road. Around 4 hours of the morning, whereas he approached the Bolazec-Plougras crossroads, at the location called "Ty Guen", he noticed in "the mountain" beams of light of what he thought to be a tractor. Only such a vehicle could indeed reach such places. But at 4 o'clock in the morning who could it be doing there?

"It is the question that I immediately asked myself", Mr. Coquil says, as we met him yesterday morning, in the family's farm. "I wanted to be sure, thinking that a farmer had been victim of an accident, and I stopped my car at the edge of the road, close to Ty-GuenVian, at a few hundreds of meters of the crossroads in direction of Bolazec.W Mr. Coquil, who knows the places perfectly, then borrowed a breach to go through fields to the "tractor"...

The headlights were too high...

"I had hardly walked a few tens of meters that I saw "it" come in my direction. Something seemed strange to me: I did not hear the noise of the engine and the lights of the headlights seemed to me very high compared to the level of the ground. I was not at the end of my surprises since a few moments afterwards, "it" passed over the slope at 4 or 5 meters of altitude. I then realized it did not roll but flew in "hedgehopping" fashion, without the least noise."

This time, it was too much, and Mr. Coquil, seized by panic, returned fast towards the "Dauphine" he had left at the edge of the road.

"Hovering" above the car...

"I must admit", he said, "that I was afraid, very afraid. I had nothing any more but one idea: to leave the places as quickly as possible. But the flying object followed me and when I opened the door of the "Dauphine", it was above the car carrying out a perfect "hovering" within a few meters of altitude only. Time to go up in the car and the craft landed gently, within a few meters of the "Dauphine", on a small "quay level" on the other side of the road."

The opportunity was too beautiful for Mr. Coquil to see very closely what one agrees to call a "flying saucer" and to perhaps make a bit of conversation with beings coming from another world.


"I did not have courage for this", he said, with a small air of culpability. "I wanted to leave as fast as possible and in my rush I stalled my engine several times. I however had time to detail the silhouette of the craft which seemed to me as long as a car but much broader. It was illuminated outside by four luminous columns, resembling the rear lights of one "404" but their light was identical to that of the neon signs."

We asked Mr. Coquil if the craft had seemed inhabited to him.

"Very sincerely, he said to me, "I cannot answer this question since I did not see any silhouette insider. I am almost certain on the other hand, that there were port-holes on the side..."

He told us his adventure, in detail, in front of his brothers and all the gathered village. For him, there is no problem: it was not a hallucination. He is certain to have seen, and very closely, a craft like those one speaks about in the science-fiction novels. Never before had he given the least attention to the stories of "flying saucers" and from the general opinion, he is a very balanced, serious and extremely sober boy. So?

of the place matched perfectly tp whathe had described to us a few moments before. Without hesitation, he showed us the place where he had stopped his car, the direction from where the craft came at a speed was he estimated to be of 20 kilometers per hour, and the quay level when it had stopped.

"Too bad", he said, before leaving us, "that I was alone; if there had been somebody with me, we would have had the clear heart of it, we would have gone to see "it", to touch "it." But I did not dare to and believe me I really regret it..."

Lucien Jegourde

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