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UFOs in the daily Press:

The "Warminster Thing" in the Press, U-K., 1965:

This article was published in the daily newspaper The Rovky Mountain News, Rocky Mountain, USA, on August 29, 1965.

THE THINGAMAJIC. -- WARMINSTER, ENGLAND, AUG. 28 (UPI). -- Hardly anyone in this small town in England's west country is taking the matter of the unidentified flying object lightly.

The "thing", as it is called here, has been frightening townspeople for the past months.

As in most cases of other UFO's around the world, reports about the Warmingster "Thing" vary.

Some who claim too have seen it say it lights up, emit weird noises and attacks with "savage soundwaves" Others describe it as long, and cigar-shape and capable of hovering.

The "Thing" has been blamed for several strange happenings in this area like killing rodents and pigeons and creating giant thistles out of thin air.

One mother reported that her young daughter was partially paralyzed by sound waves emitted from the "Thing."

The dossier is thick with reports. And the Warminster City Council is holding a formal public enquiry into the matter tonight.

"My main object is to reassure people," Rees said. "If these things are from outer space, then they have never done any harm to anyone so far as is known. We want to get all the facts and clarify the situation."

The first report came in last December when Mrs. Joan Bye said she was hurled against a wall by "savage soundwaves."

About the same time, Roger Rump, 55, the Warminster postmaster, said he was awakened by loud noises which sounded "like tiles falling off a roof." Rump said his great aunt, who is partially deaf, also heard the clatter.

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