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UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaper Paris-Jour, France, le 3 août 1965.



Flying saucers are estival as much as international. As soon as July comes, the skies of the various continents are covered of mysterious apparatuses that create disorder in the minds of our planet.

Yesterday, it is in Marmande (the Lot-et-Garonne) and Oklahoma City (the United States) where "Martians" or "Venusians" paid a visit.

A student, Mr. Alain Bressol, on holiday in Mosempron-Libos, saw at the location "Grouzie", an apparatus in the shape of a disc. After having landed in a field, the saucer went back in the sky at a very high speed in direction of the South. But at the same time, Mr. Bressol observed several luminous points moving in the same direction.

In Oklahoma City, it was radar sets, precise instruments if there are any, that followed to four unidentified flying objects, evolving at 7.000 meters of altitude. Moreover, three patrols of policemen in cars claimed to have seen flying objects in formation, during 30 minutes. These objects reportedly changed color, going from the red to the white and the blue-green.

Alas, none of these visitors from beyond Earth left a calling card...

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