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UFOs in the daily Press:

The Cussac alleged CE3 in the 1967 Press:

The article below was published in the tabloid Paris-Jour, France, #2479, page 15, for September 2-3, 1967.

Check my file on this case.

And yet it is true: Auvergne Martians

François [X], thirteen-year-old, is still very upset by that, and he was sobbing when he told the villagers of Cussac (the Cantal) what had happened to his sister and him while they were keeping the cows. At the entry of the field, they spotted dwarves dressed in black outfits. Thinking they were other children, they wanted to approach and learn about them, but the latter fled. François adds: "I climbed on the hillock and saw them dive into a machine that dazzled me. It did not go away immediately because a dwarf came out of it again, walked a few steps before diving again. Then everything disappeared. What is for sure, is that all the cows started to below." François's dad, who is the mayor of the commune, had the gendarmes come over. The latter gathered no other testimony. But they learned that one told in the country, some time ago, that a big prize would be offered to the one who, first, would encounter Martians.

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