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UFOs in the daily Press:

The August 1965 flap, USA:

This article was published in the daily newspaper The Oklahoma City Times, USA, on August 3, 1965.

Many Report Flying Objects

Despite Air Force claims that Oklahomans were literally "seeing stars," reports continued to flood in of unidentified flying object sightings Tuesday.

One report even had a UFO landing near Justin, Texas, 11 miles from Denton.

Other reports had green UFO's, red UFO's and brilliant white UFO's zipping, hovering and streaking through unusually clear summer skies.

Hundreds of reports streamed into the Highway Patrol, police departments, Tinker Air Force Base, the U. S. Weather Bureau and news media for the third straight night.

Still, the Air Force stuck to its released announcement from Washington, D. C., that some reports could be observations of a Delta meteor shower occurring from July 26 through August 6.

The Air Force statement also said that during the past two days temperature distribution and wind speeds over the great plains were favorable to "scintillation," the natural phenomenon that causes stars to appear to twinkle or distant objects to appear a to dance when viewed through layers of the atmosphere.

But, people still reported seeing strange, undefined things.

In Fort Smith, Ark., two high school students, Ronnie Coble, 17, and Jack Clark, 17, both of Van Buren, saw three egg-shaped UFO's streak overhead. Five minutes later they saw a fourth, they said.

In Texas two Tarrant County deputy sheriffs reported a brilliant object that "looked like a magnesium flare" appeared to touch ground near Justin. The men spotted it while on patrol near Wagle Mountain Lake.

Peace officers swarmed into the area but several hours later they reported their search revealed nothing.

About the same time, scores of residents in Fort Worth and Denton told of observing a bright light as it streaked northward across the sky.

Telephone callers asked Denton officers about a white glare which, they said, appeared to touch ground in the Justin vicinity.

A policeman at Lewisville, in south Denton County, reported a multi-colored object passed within 100 feet of the Lewisville Dam.

A Norman man, Charles Boyd, said he and four other persons watched a white globe, which they estimated to be 30 to 40 feet, in diameter hover about 20 degrees above the horizon southeast of Norman.

Boyd said the object appeared to move forward, backward, then up and down.

Robert Bennett, a Highway Patrolman on duty at Tishomingo, said he sighted a "green UFO" travelling northeast at high altitudes.

Woodward police officer, Jim Peak, said he verified reports from several residents that a "solid red globe" was flying over the city.

Haydon Hewes, the 21-year old director of a scientific research organization, Interplanetary Intelligence for Unidentified Flying Objects, said Tuesday morning he is still at work plotting the course of the sightings.

Hewes said sources he has talked to in the Air Force are still investigating the reports.

Stating that there were probably a "lot of sensation seekers" out stargazing Monday night, Hewes added that some reports may be fabricated. Many people's imagination is more vivid as a result of all the excitement and interest, he said.

Tinker did have one radar fix for 40 minutes, he said. However, the object did not deviate at all.

"You can't dismiss the fact that so many reliable persons have reported sightings," he said, noting that so many highway patrolmen have reported seeing UFO's.

These people, he added, work at night and are used to seeing the stars. They would recognize an object out of the ordinary.

Meanwhile, Ed O'Brien, public information officer at Tinker, said he expects reports to continue pouring in until the meteor shower ends.

And, at Van Buren, Ark., police report an unidentified object of another sort. A nine-foot ghost with no head nor hands, has been reported by several adults and children roaming along a river bank.

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