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UFOs in the daily Press:

7th anniversary of flying saucers:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper The Ogden Standard Examiner, Ogden, Utah, USA, page 1, on June 24, 1954.


Today's 7th Anniversary Of Saucers

BOISE (AP) -- Today, in case you've forgotten, is the seventh anniversary of the discovery of flying saucers.

It was on June 24, 1947, that Kenneth Arnold, a Boise businessman flying over Mount Rainier in search of a missing transport plane, reported seeing a formation of the elusive objects.

Since then, thousands of persons all over the world, including pilots and trained weathermen, have reported seeing them too.

Arnold says that the government has spent milions of dollars investigating the strange objects, "and apparently passing off their inefficiency by telling those who sight saucers that they are crazy - or else they know something."

Arnold has chipped in $12.000 of his own to trace flying saucer reports from Mexico to Alaska. He wrote a book about them and collected $2.500.

He says he believes the objects are intelligent organisms which fly about the upper atmosphere at speeds up to 1.800 miles per hour. He thinks they may have been disturbed by recent atomic and hydrogen explosions.

"You throw a rock into a trout pool," Arnold said. "The fish scatter and then return to investigate. The saucers act the same way."

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