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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs in the United States, 1966:

This article was published in the daily newspaper The New York Times, New York City, USA, on December 10, 1966.


WANAQUE, N.J., Oct. 11 (AP). -- Residents and policemen said they saw a brilliant unidentified object flying above Wanaque Reservoir last night.

They described the object as saucer-shaped, about the size of an automobile and glowing with a white brilliance. The reservoir, part of the Newark water supply system, is about 25 miles west of Newark.

Sgt. Ben Thompson said he saw the object as he drove a patrol car near the reservoir.

"I saw the object coming at me," he said. "It went straight over my head, stopped in mid air and backed right up. It then started zig zagging from left to right." "It was so bright I couldn't make out any of its features," he added.

The sergeant said he turned on the flashing red dome-light of his car.

"The instant I started to flash, the object sped away over the reservoir and, without passing over the horizon, disappeared," he said.

PIERRE, S.D., Oct 11. (AP). -- Strange lights in the sky and a sound "like a car on a gravel road" touched off a wave of interest in flying saucers in South Dakota last night.

Officers would not go so far as to say the object appeared to be flying saucers, but some of them in a 100-mile radius of Fort Thompson were routed by curious individual who thought so.

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