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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Nord-Eclair, Roubaix, Nord, France, page 10, on October 15, 1954.



The "saucers" leave
oily stains
and unknown seeds

SAUCERS are no longer content to appear and disappear. They also abandon, on takeoff, suspicious traces which intrigue the official investigators.

In Toulouse, Mr. Olivier, industrialist, accompanied by an employee, Mr. Perano, and a young fifteen years old boy, saw, Wednesday evening, a luminous machine, of spherical shape and reddish color, land. Then they saw a small diver with a disproportionate head with huge eyes coming towards them.

Subsequently, Mr. Olivier, a former pilot, drew with chalk, in a striking manner, on a door, the diver. "I didn't believe in it," Mr. Perano added, "but I saw it like I see you. It is quite a shock."

The diver returned to the luminous sphere, which flew off vertically, silently and disappeared into the sky at a prodigious speed, leaving a trail of fire.

The air police questioned the three witnesses, who maintained their statement by specifying that the mysterious individual, measuring approximately 1.20 m, was higher than the object by the head.

One of them even added that having wanted to approach, he had been held at twenty meters by a paralyzing force and that, when the craft rose in the sky, it had been violently thrown to the ground.

Several hunters from the town of Saint-Ambroix (Gard), reportedly saw seven tiny beings, who rushed towards a phosphorescent craft, which took off when they approached.

Near the landing site were seeds of an unknown species.

"Smart plants"

According to Professor Hermann Oberth, inventor and builder of the famous "V-2" rocket, the pilots of the flying saucers are plants endowed with reason and which would be thousands of years ahead of the Earth, both in regards their spiritual evolution as their technique. Their homeland of origin would be a planet where there is no gaseous oxygen, which prohibits the development of animal life. But these plants, on the other hand, get the oxygen they need from the oxides in the soil.

This planet would be outside the solar system. The mysterious craft, in which intelligent plants travel, could move at a speed close to that of light (300,000 km per second).

They would be in charge of monitoring the progress of mankind in the atomic sciences, because this progress "represents a danger to the whole cosmos."

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