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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs IN U-K., 1965:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Melbourne Gazette, Sussex, U-K., on September 1, 1965.


MYSTERIOUS night-time objects - some of them was like a ball of fire - have been seen in the sky at Hampden Park, according to several eye-witness reports.

Employees at a factory on the Brampton-road Trading Estate reported the sighting of a strange fiery object, the shape of a ball, on Thursday evening, hovering in the sky in the direction of the Downs. A number of the factory's women employees who had just finished an evening shift were walking along Lottbridge-drove about 10 p.m., when they suddenly saw the mysterious object in the sky. It gradually got smaller and smaller until it was completely out of sight.

White substance

Mr Peter Hayward, of Brodrick-road, Hampden Park, has also claimed that he saw a strange sight in the sky last week, only this time the object was of a completely different nature from that seen by the factory employees.

He told the Gazette that while taking his dog for a walk one evening he noticed a white substance that appeared to be hovering vertically over the playing fields adjacent to Hampden Park (Secondary Modern School). Later the "thing" moved into a horizontal position, he said.

Last year there were reports of what appeared to be the sighting of another ball of fire moving in a south-easterly direction over the new Port-road housing estate late one night. It appeared to be quite low down in the sky, people claimed.

A spokesman for the Royal Observatory at Herstmonceux said that there had been occasions when unidentified flying objects had been seen by members of the public, and reported to the Observatory. But he added that these reports had never been authenticated and had not been received during recent months.

He said that it was usually a case of people mistaking perfectly ordinary flying objects for these things.

Footnote: Residents of Warminster, in Wiltshire, have become increasingly interested in flying saucers and other unidentified flying objects, since numerous reports of sightings over the town have been made over the past eight months.

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