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UFOs in the daily Press:

Alleged CE3 in Perpignan, France, October 13, 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Indépendant, France, on October 16, 1954.

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A Perpignan resident affirms
to have seen within 30 meters
of him a strange craft

operated by a "diver"

PERPIGNAN -. Until yesterday it had not been given to us to have an affirmative testimony of the passage of the "flying saucers" in the area of Perpignan. However yesterday evening we learned that an inhabitant from the district of St-Assicle, a man who appears perfectly balanced and worthy of faith, Mr. Figučres Damien, retired Customs officer, 56 years old, living 27, street of Guarrigole, affirmed to us that Thursday evening, around 07:50 p.m., he had seen on the road, close to the camp-site of the swimming pool, at the intersection of the crossing which joined the road of Prades, a large red ball. From it; which landed in the middle of the road, a large man, dressed like a diver, came out, then walked all around his apparatus, and returned hurriedly inside having seen Mr. Figučres' two dogs arriving. Taking off without making the least noise and without spitting the least flame, the craft disappeared in the sky at an extraordinary speed.

Mr. Figučres who was about thirty meters approximately of the sphere, rushed home, 150 meters from the place of landing of the machine, alerted his son-in-law Mr. Lissoni, driver at the service of Mr. Dot, shipper, and both reconsidered the spot but they found no trace neither on the ground, nor even on the electric or telephone wire which frame the crossroads, forming a square inside which the machine had to land.

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Mr. Damien Figučres indicates to our photographer the place where, he affirms, he saw the mysterious machine land. Mr. Figučres was then at the place occupied on our photograph by a cyclist.

(Photo R. P., Indépendant).

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