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UFOs in the daily Press:

Phosphorescent little man, Syracusa, Italy, 1960:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper La LibertÚ de l'Est, France, page 1, on May 31, 1960.

A phosphorescent little man

Syracuse. -- "I caught in the beams of the headlights of my car, a little man, dressed in a phosphorescent suit, wearing a sort of diver's helmet on his head and having, instead of arms, something resembling two small wings": such is the declaration made to the carabinieri of Syracuse, by a jeweler, Mr. Salvatore Cianci. His wife, Mrs. Lara Cianci, confirmed this statement. According to Mr. Cianci, who is considered, in Syracuse, by all those who know him, as a "particularly serious and trustworthy" man, the "little phosphorescent man" suddenly disappeared. The apparition took place a week ago when Mr. and Mrs. Cianci were driving through a street on the outskirts of the Sicilian town in their car.

Speaking to journalists, Mr. Salvatore Cianci said: "If someone had told me a story like mine, I would not have believed it at all; however, what I said is only the bare truth."

Another phosphorescent owl?

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