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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucers in Argentina, 1962:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper La LibertÚ de l'Est, France, December 21, 1962.

Appearances of "flying saucers" in Argentina for several months

Buenos Aires. -- The appearances of "flying saucers" have multiplied in Argentina during these last months. Mysterious flying objects have been seen, often by several witnesses simultaneously, both in the desolate regions of the South and in the North of the country. There were even cases where one of these mysterious machines was seen descending to earth. A witness said he saw a door of the "flying saucer" open and a strange being come out. He appeared to have phosphorescent skin and was followed by another "passenger" whose body appeared to be covered in luminous scales.

The statements of the witnesses do not agree with each other on many points, however, perhaps because, as they all affirm, the "saucers" disappear with the same lightning speed as they appear while defying laws of gravity.

The province of San Juan is said to be the favorite place for the crews of these "flying machines" and it is there, in the town of Angaco, 1,200 km from Buenos Aires, that one of them was seen a few days ago. Several people claimed to have seen a "flying saucer" land and even showed the place where this landing took place, and where the ground is burned within a radius of three meters.

There too, the "saucer" disappeared as soon as it was seen.

The head of the aerodrome of this province, on the other hand, confirmed that two naval officers, frigate captains Luis Enrique Ovidio and Carlos Caristosan, reported the event to the control tower. They had seen the saucer descend about twenty kilometers from the airfield. A local resident, Francisco Sosa, who rode a bicycle, saw the strange object land some 300 meters from him, then quickly disappear.

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