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UFOs in the daily Press:

A flying saucer bureau created in Italy, 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Est Républicain, France, page 1, on November 1, 1954.

A "flying saucer bureau" created in Italy

Its goal: To establish a connection with the "Martians"

Rome. -- Flying saucers, it is a fact, prevent a number of humans from sleeping in this world and between "those who believe" andt "those who do not believe", the debate, we have the proof of this since weeks, is not ready to cease. For the first, one must first of all find a scientific explanation... oor a political explanation to these phenomena and the disbeliever will be proved wrong. For the seconds, it is an excellent and infinite topic of conversations and the source of endless jokes. This lqtecomer at a diner excuses himself to the house lady by telling her he had a mysterious appointment with a Martian, and when during the course of a diner all topics are exhausted, suffice that someone utters "saucer" to have the evening go on in an excellent mood... When discutions do not change to arguments. One now knows of excellent friends that turned into deadly foes because of saucers.

Not serious, shut up

The initiative that, in Italy, experts of the celestial phenomena and newspapermen took, has this particularity that it can be taken for a very serious experience as well as for a magnificent hoax.

Having noticed that in Italie the appearances are more and more varied, experts and newspapermen decided to create in Tuscany a "Center of information and observation of the heavenly spaces that is set to gather, coordonninate, analyze and catalogue the largest number of observations relatives to the strange objects. Astrophysician Ernesto Thayath, a specialist, is the head of the movement.

But the second goal; and the most important the center set up is even more important, it is to study the possibility of communication with the hypothetical interplanetary beings, who seem to have a tendency, since some time, to come down on the Italian grounds, at ever more lower heights. Marina Di Pietrasante was chosen because of its geographical position, in the center of the peninsula, in a panoramic area, from where the observation can extend both to the wea and the mountain.

The people who feel they have a talent for becoming ambassadors of men to the Martians can contact C.I.R.N.O.S., Marina Di Pietrasanta (Luca), ciale Roma, 93.

It was only a propaganda balloon

Facts are anyway coming to confirm the utility of our tasks that these knights of the modern era started because in the last twenty four hours, flying objects were reported in Bolzano, Glorenza, Cortina d'Ampezza la Spezia, Verone, Perouse, Spoleto and Naples. Two witnesses speak of a large cigar followed by three smaller ones. Another tells of a big sphere of purplished color letting escape threads looking like glass and still another one tells of a disc that stopped twice while projecting luminous beams in all directions.

In Cattanzaro, in Calabre, police officiers alas put things to rest: the small white and green sphere, seen by all the eyes of the country, was just a balloon used for the anticommunist propaganda in the countries of Eastern Europe and came from Western Germany. One will surely end the trade of red balloons for the kids.

Back and forth above the Iron Curtain

No borders for the saucers no Iron Curtain either, but an aerial bridge. The residents of Berlin, whether from East or West, also had the privileges to observe flying saucers.

The first time, Saturday, about9 o'clock in the disrict of Spandau, two "round and dazzling objects", moving at very high speed in the direction of the West, appeared at a medium altitude.

Then, at the end of the same day at about 9 p.m., the same objects, but in opposite direction. They were simply joining their base again.

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