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UFOs in the daily Press:


The article below was published in the daily newspaper Les Tablettes de Péronne, Péronne, Somme, France, page 3, October 9, 1954.


Short chronicle
of the
Flying Saucers

Appearances in the region

Martians spend their weekends on earth. They are reported everywhere, from the Nord to the Midi, from the shores of the Ocean to the banks of the Rhine.

Besides, they are not Martians, because according to our most learned astronomers, neither Mars nor Venus can be inhabited. Mars is too cold and lacks oxygen. As for Venus, it is currently in the middle of the carboniferous period, much like Earth was, 300 million years ago.

The unknown beings, piloting the diabolical crockery, are Uranians, revealed recently the German professor Hermann Oberth, rocket specialist.

The whole world is lost in guesswork. There are supporters of the thesis of craft coming from another planet. There are those who believe them to be terrestrial, something like improved V2s. Finally, there are those who see it as the object of hallucinations.

We are looking for explanations: fireballs, false suns, false moons, refraction phenomena, comets, meteors, rockets. Nothing satisfactory. Nothing final.

There are many testimonies. Many are fragile. Some apparently solid do not always resist observation or lack the precision which can guarantee authenticity.

The enigma is complete, the saucers file remains open but the windows of the museum of unknown objects remain empty.


After the Abbeville region, it's several people from Boves who have just seen "flying saucers", or at least one strange glow that moved slowly. According to these people, the craft seemed to fly off the edge of the Boves football field. The "saucer" was therefore seen by Mr. and Mrs. Dhelly and Mr. and Mrs. Quin, as well as by Mr. Laurent Laporte, coffee shop manager at Pont de Fouencamps.

We learned shortly after that other people from the village of Demuin had also noticed the craft. According to Mr. and Mrs. Deslandes, it was a kind of "phosphorescent lampshade" which moved without noise and tried to land. When these people alerted neighbors, the object was gone.

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